From Double Taps to Trust: Unveiling the Brand-Building Power of Instagram Likes


Instagram has proved as the leading platform that helps highlight brand visibility and customer engagement.In the advanced era of social media, Instagram is not just a place for posting random pictures, in fact, it has become a hotspot for promoting your brand to the next level.The power of Instagram likes is directly related to the number of followers you have. The like button which is shown by the heart icon, can be pressed by your loyal followers who want to become your customers of your brand.Instagram likes are essential enough for building brand trust and credibility. It is shown that 80% of Instagram users connect with brands on Instagram of their own choice and 72% make a purchase on that brand. In this article, let’s see how Instagram likes can elevate your brand's success.

The Origin of Instagram Likes

The journey of the “like” feature on Instagram plays a huge role in making brands successful. This feature has totally transformed the image ofInstagram in so many positive ways. This like button can be pressed to show acknowledgment to the content or the brand. Instagram likes have become a bonus in terms of appreciation and acceptance. The “Like” feature is shown as a heart icon; you have to double-tap the picture to like it.Likes are not just the mere numbers but also a symbol of success and branding power. Now this feature has evolved into a wide range of emojis. Like button can be a game changer in the rapid growth of your brand image.

Advancement to Emoji Reactions

Instagram is the social media platform that always has stood out. When the “like” feature got all the attention, there was a need for more ways to respond to the posts. Instagram has grown by adding the emoji reactions. Now you have to hold down the like button, to reveal every kind of emoji, each represents a different reaction such as a crying face, a laughing face, a heart's eyes, a fire, and a surprising face. This feature enables Instagram users to show their feelings in a more detailed manner.

Affect on Brand Image

Likes play a vital role in shaping and hyping brand image and perception. Likes enable how the brand is perceived by the customers. Are they having any benefit from our brand or not? Brands with higher likes represent trustworthy and more reputable. Instagram likes show which brand is worth buying from. Likes can help in gaining customer trust and confidence in your brand or product. One of the most important strategies that Instagram has made to gain likes through influencer marketing.

Building Trust Through Influencer Marketing

Influencer branding has become the trend to gain likes on Instagram. From a kid to an adult, a student, or an influencer, everyone has a right to put their opinion on the web. It’s very common for brands to send their PR to influencers for marketing and to gain more customers to build trust. Likes are a form of social proof. A post with the maximum number of likes is more likely to have trust among Instagram users. This validation by the users proves the brand image and also is a base for trust in the brand. When influencers promote your brand, they provide a sense of authenticity and reliability which helps in gaining and building trust among users.

What is The Role of Engagement on Posts?

The amount of likes on a post attracts other users to interact, comment and share that post. They are the stepping stoneto a huge level of engagement. People who interact with posts make a brand community who consistently follow them as loyal customers. This engagement of Instagram followers guarantees brand loyalty and authenticity.Posts with large numbers of likes reach out to large audiences who are not your followers.

Planning for Gaining Maximum Instagram Likes

·         Content

To attract a number of followers and likes on Instagram, you have to share authentic and relatable content. Make sure your content speaks volumes. Try posting more frequently so your followers and brand customers know when to expect content from you. Get an idea about what to post more often by the number of likes on the specific topic or content. This is how you will be able to understand what your followers want to see more.

·         Engagement with Followers

It is very important to engage with your loyal followers once in a while to gain the maximum number of likes. You can be responsive to them under your videos in their comments or go live for meaningful conversations. You can also plan rewards for your real followers or a giveaway to attract more followers. More followers are equal to more likes.

·         Buying Instagram Likes

If you want to have more Instagram likes, you have an option to buy them. This is not what we call a real achievement but it surely transmits a good impact on the number of Instagram likes. YouTube Market is the most trustworthy website to buy Instagram likes. This website offers a minimum buying of 100 Instagram likes to a maximum of 100,000 Instagram likes.


·         Spread a Genuine Brand Voice

For this purpose, you can send your brand product to influencers and ask for marketing, more people will be able to see and get attracted to your brand. Influencer marketing can increase your brand sales and engagement to another level. Ask for genuine feedback from your fellow influencers. This will help in building trust in the follower's community.

·         Usage of Instagram Features

Currently, Instagram has a huge range of features. Reels are short videos with audio, sound, and other creative tools.Trying different features in your content helps you reach a wider audience. Likewise, Instagram stories can be beneficial for brands who are promoting events and limited sales.


Instagram likes have become pillars of brand building. The initial purpose of Instagram likes is to provide strength and confidence in the brand. They have the ultimate power to shape brand image and perception, developing trust and meaningful engagement. However, their true power lies in the reliability and depth of engagement they promote. Instagram likes to work as a catalyst for building long-term relationships between brands and their target audience. Last but not least, brands should be prepared to find innovative ways to stay relevant with the audience in the future.

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